Meet a Regional Director

Meet Radek! Radek Wilk is from Poland. He moved to Arlington, Virginia in 1995, and later graduated from Wakefield high school. Radek used to work as a manager for a pizza competitor located in DC. His store happened to be placed across the street from one of our Domino’s locations which was managed by Jafar Sherif. As Radek began to grow his store, Jafar convinced Radek to give the competition a try! Radek then started working for Team Washington in 2009. He began as a manager in training (MIT) at our Seven Corners location.

Through our MIT program, Radek moved around between our Rosslyn, Skyline, and Falls Church locations, training to be a manager. Just five months later, Radek was promoted to manager of the Columbia Pike store, in Arlington.

Radek was manager for nine years, moving between DC and VA stores. Just recently, Radek was promoted once again, and is now one of our 10 regional directors.

Radek’s success story is one of hard work and dedication to being number one.

“Work hard, it’s all about working hard and doing things right. That’s it. A one man team isn’t going to go far, but if you build a great crew around you, that’s where success happens.” – Radek Wilk

Radek’s favorite thing about Domino’s is our competitive nature. He’s always wanted to be number one, and he likes helping others to push them towards the same goal.

Even prior to working for Domino’s, Radek’s always been a fan. His favorite menu item has always been our Philly Cheesesteak pizza.

Our competitive nature has pushed many of our employees to strive for greater achievements, but without dedication and the right work ethic, being number one cannot always be achieved. Radek proved that commitment to your goals can push you up towards greater things.

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