Team Washington Awards

On January 31st we had our annual Team Washington Inc. award ceremony at Top Golf, in Ashburn. The event was a success as all the managers, regional directors, office staff, and our owner Mary Lynne Caraway ate lunch together and swung at the driving range. A multitude of awards were handed out that day, including awards for highest profit, lowest wait time, lowest customer complaint percentage, and Domino’s Rolex Awards.

With Domino’s competitive nature, every nominee for the top awards had worked extremely hard all year for the title of ‘the best’.

The ultimate winners for the top awards were as follows:

Rookie Manager of the Year: Analia Gonzalez from Domino’s Seven Corners location

Manager of the Year: Haroon Khan from Domino’s Broadlands location

Regional Director of the Year: Masoom Ahmed

A huge congratulations to all our winners! Here’s to Team Washington, and another great year full of success!





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