Every year, Domino’s employees are perfecting their pizza making skills to compete in the World’s Fastest Pizza Making Competition. Team Washington has won 13 trophies, in which the award was named after our very own, the late Frank Meeks. The year Domino’s has its World Wide Rally, employees enter pizza making videos to prove that they can make pizzas faster than the speed of light (or close to it). They are judged based on how their dough looks, how the sauce, cheese and toppings are placed, and of course, time. Meet one of the contestants of the 2014 World’s Fastest Pizza Making Competition and Team Washington’s own, Joe Burr.

Joe Burr participated in the 2014 contest in Las Vegas. He made it to the finals making three pizzas (with sauce, cheese and one topping) in 46 seconds during the semi-finals. That’s right. 46 seconds. He came in third place during the finals and who knows…he might do it again and win. Domino’s employees from around the world compete for this title and next year, Team Washington is determined to bring it home.

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