Meet our Controller

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Meet Mike from our Vienna office! Mike is from New Jersey, and moved down to Northern Virginia to attend George Mason University. Soon after his move, Mike’s journey with Team Washington began. Many of our employees have been with Domino’s for many years, and Mike’s story is no different. It began in 1993 as Mike started working as an assistant manager for our McLean location. Over the years, he managed 5 different stores in Montgomery county and DC. After managing for 7 years, Mike was promoted to regional director for western Fairfax County.

In 2002, Mike decided it was in his best interest to return to school in order to advance further in his career. After a year of managing a restaurant and going to school part time, Mike was informed that our office was looking for someone to fill the role of assistant controller.

“I jumped at the opportunity, it was like coming home.” Mike stated.

Mike was the assistant controller up until 2014, when he was promoted to Controller. As Controller, Mike is in charge of our accounting department and helps secure the company’s assets.

When asked what his favorite thing about working for Domino’s and Team Washington was, Mike stated,

“I love the competitive work style. Whether it be delivery drivers competing for runs, managers competing for best service, franchises competing to out-do each other, or employees competing to make the fastest, best looking pizza, it’s all about the win. We rise and fall as one unit, and Domino’s is the most internally competitive company I have ever come across.”

When asked what his favorite Domino’s menu item was, Mike said,

“Pan pizza. With pepperoni and bacon.”

We all love working with Mike, and appreciate his beaming smile and office humor.

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